Tortillas De Masa Fresca

Tortillas De Masa Fresca

Serves 10   

Source: Cindy Cartmill Mexico

These tortillas are the real thing, made with fresh masa.  If you live in an area where fresh masa is available (try the local Mexican food market), then give these a try. Making them is fairly easy, but finding the masa may be the hardest part.



fresh masa







warm water, as needed





1- 2


all-purpose (plain) flour (optional)





Heat an iron skillet (ungreased).
Moisten your hands and knead the masa for 2-3 minutes.

Form into 10 small balls; each should be about the size of a walnut and weigh about 1 oz [28 grams]. Knead each ball slightly. The dough should feel somewhat moist and elastic. If it is too moist, dust it with a little flour; if it is too dry, sprinkle it with a little water.

Cover a tortilla press with a sheet of plastic wrap and place ball of dough in the center. Place another sheet of plastic wrap on top, lower the top lid of the press and push down on the handle. The tortilla formed should be 4 - 5 in. in diameter. If you are making quesadillas, only press the handle halfway down, to form a tortillas about 3 in. in diameter. Open the tortilla press and remove the top sheet of plastic wrap from the tortilla. Lift the tortilla using the bottom sheet and turn it over onto your hand.

Peel off the bottom sheet of plastic wrap and carefully place the tortilla on the iron skillet.
Be careful not to "toss" the tortilla onto the skillet because that would trap air and prevent it from cooking evenly.

As soon as the edges of the tortilla start to dry out, after about 20 seconds, turn it over. Cook the second side for about 15 - 20 seconds and turn the tortilla again. After about 15 seconds, remove the tortilla from the heat. Transfer to a cloth so that the tortillas can be kept covered.

Enjoy! They can be used immediately for soft tacos or refrigerated until needed for tostadas, quesadillas, enchiladas or tacos.

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