Roast Leg of Lamb & Potatoes

Roast Leg of Lamb & Potatoes

Serves 6

Source: Jamie Oliver England

This is a wonderfully easy and tasty way to fix lamb.  I saw this on a TV program from the UK called the Naked Chef and loved the simplicity of it.  I then made it for Christmas Eve dinner in Spain and decided it was a keeper.



Leg of Lamb







fresh sage (or other favorite herb)







olive oil







lemon, juiced





















potatoes, peeled and halved (quartered if large)
















Preheat oven to 400F [205C].

Grind half of the sage leaves in a mortar with the garlic and salt.
Add the oil and lemon juice and remaining sage leaves and mix well.

Cut a 4” slit between the meat and bone at each end, enlarging slightly with your finger.  Then make about 6 more slits evenly spaced around the leg, about 1” [3 cm] deep into the meat, enlarging each with your finger.  Force some of the herb mixture into each hole, then rub the remaining mixture all over the leg.

Place the leg directly onto the top oven rack and place a roasting pan on the bottom rack below it so that the juices will be captured in the pan.  Roast for 20 minutes at which time there should be some drippings in the pan.

Meanwhile, place the potatoes in a pan and cover with water.  Bring to a boil then cook for 5 minutes.  Drain well, then shake in the pan to rough up the outside surfaces.  After the lamb has roasted for the first 20 minutes, place the potatoes in the roating pan, shaking the pan to evenly coat the potatoes with the juices.

Return the roasting pan to the oven, reduce heat to 350F [180C] and roast until the lamb is done.  Recommended is 13 minutes to the pound (after the first 20 minutes) for a pink finish.  Remove lamb from the oven when done and let set for 10 minutes before carving.

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