Desserts includes all sorts of recipes that are typically prepared as the finale of a meal. Although you will find sweet items elsewhere in the menu (e.g, Cookies and Candy), they tend to be more of the snacking variety. The characteristics that differentiate Desserts is that the results of these recipes usually have a presentation focus (they look nice so that you can set it out and your guests will say “Ahhh”) and they are meant to be served on a plate and eaten with a fork or spoon (as opposed to the Cookies and Candies which can easily be finger food).

This category used to be 2 separate categories in previous versions of this site, but have now been combined together under the larger category of Desserts. I hope you will find one or more items in here that are pleasing to you and that you share them lovingly with your friends and family.

In this category you will find all sorts of Cakes, Pies and Pastries, Baked Puddings (English-style puddings), as well as a few others that don’t easily fit these categorizations.

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