Layer Cakes

Layer Cakes represent the standard American style cake. Usually 2 layers, with frosting between the layers, on the sides, and on top. While this style of cake can be made from the numerous cakes mixes available on American grocery shelves, I personally feel my recipes here have more texture and flavor. 

The cake batter is normally made by creaming butter and sugar together, adding eggs, then blending in the flour and leavening. They are normally baked in 2 or 3 layer pans (also referred to as sandwich pans in Ireland). Once cooled, these layers are stacked with frosting (icing) between them, then finished by icing all around the sides and top. Alternately, each recipe can be baked in one large (9”x13”) rectangular pan . In this case, the cake is usually left in the pan with only the top frosted. This makes it easy to be transported and is often referred to as a picnic cake.

The frosting for each layer cake is printed after the cake recipe, but can also be accessed by the menu for Frostings.

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