Snack Bars

Snack bars are a quiplate of browniesck and easy way to prepare a plateful of baked goodies. They are served like cookies, but instead of being individually baked, they are baked all together in a large pan, then cut into serving-size pieces, usually after being cooled. Some, like Brownies (pictured at right) or Banana Bars, are simply baked like a layer cake and are the quickest of all. Others, like Chocolate Layer Bars, are baked in layers, requiring a bit more time, but still quicker than individual cookies. Because they are baked in layers, they can be made richer than the cake-like ones. Read the decription at the top of the page to determine what type of bars they are. Also, if the recipe is divided into several sections (i.e., crust, filling, topping) you’ll know it is a layered bar.

I have tried over the years to get a variety of flavors and textures in my Snack Bar collection. But as chocolate is one of my favorites, you will find many with chocolate in them. In the menu, you will find sub- menus for those with chocolate (Chocolate Snack Bars) and those without chocolate (Other Snack Bars). Hopefully this will help in your decision process (as well as helping in our menu software limitations).

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