Drop Cookies

Drop Cookies are so named because they are made by “dropping” the batter by teaspoonfuls onto the baking sheet. This makes them easier and Drop cookiefaster to make than the rolled, pressed or formed cookies. This is the style of cookie most Americans would think of when talking about cookies. At right is pictured a Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip cookie, made with hazelnuts and chunks of bittersweet chocolate rather than the commercially made chips.

Drop cookies can be crisp and crunchy, or soft and chewy. Some of this can be controlled by the fat used in the making or by the time baked. For example , Chocolate Chip Cookies made with pure shortening will be crisper than those made with butter or margarine (butter and margarine contain more water than shortening or lard). Also, adding a bit more flour and under baking a touch will produce a cookie that is less crisp, but more cake-like. Some of the cereal cookies use liquid oil instead of a solid fat like butter.  The use of oil produces a light crispy texture. So experiment a bit if you want a different texture.

Because of the drop method, each cookie will be a different size and shape. The more even you can make them, the more uniform they will emerge from the oven. To speed up the process and make evenly sized cookies, use a small food scoop (about 1⅛” [3 cm]) in diameter. These food scoops come with a spring-loaded device for removing the batter from the scoop, making the operation easier and neater.

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