Yeast Breads

Yeast breads take a bit of time and planning to allow for the yeast to proof, but are well worth the effort. All the breads in this category are savory, although there are sweet varieties in the Coffeecakes and Breakfast Treats categories. The Challah and Olive Bread doughs can be prepared in a bread maker using the dough option then finishing by hand.  The White Break with sponge starter takes more time overall, but gives you lots of flexibility because of the long rising times.

As a test for doneness, lean bread (white and baguettes) are done when the internal temperatures measure 210F [99C]. Richer loaves made with butter and eggs (e.g., brioche and challa) are done when the internal temperature measures 190F [88C]. Breads with a modest amount of fat, such as American sandwich bread and rye bread are done between 195F and 200F [91C and 93C].

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