Verna's Recipes

Verna’s Recipes

While this section doesn’t have anything to do with our adventure motorcycle travels or our BMW motorcycles, it is a selection of recipes that I regularly use and have shared many with my friends.  This is now my only cookbook while we are on the road, so you will find a little bit of everything. The recipes are organized by category (breads, cakes, etc.) that appear in the menu at left under “Verna’s Recipes.” Each category menu item will lead to a subcategory or to the recipe itself. As several recipes don’t fit cleanly into only one category, you may find some recipes that appear under different menus (e.g., Linguine with Clams appears under “Seafood” as well as “Pasta”).

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WWWVerna's Recipes at NorSea Odyssey

While these are some of my favorites the collection is certainly not complete, especially since I started this while in Ireland so I only had a subset of my recipes with me. The collection will grow over time as I hope to pick up local delicacies as we make our way around the world. Someday, when we have a home again and get my kitchen essentials out of storage, I will add other favorites that I have been missing. What you will notice is that my recipes are very heavily weighted on the baking side, as that is my true passion. And I don’t necessarily go in for the low calorie, low fat versions either. I have tried to give a brief description of the recipe at the top of each one, to give you an idea about the end product. Hopefully these will help you to decide which one(s) to make.

I have tried to note ingredient measurements as well as both American and European weights on all recipes. All pan sizes and oven temperatures have been noted in both measurement systems as well. But if you need to convert something, check the conversion page. There’s also a list of hints and tips (mostly for baking) that I find useful.

A note on printing recipes: in my latest reorganization of recipes (12/02), each recipe is now on its own page. Therefore, if you print the page from your browser, only that recipe will print. Hopefully this will be easier than the previous method. In March, 2004 I changed the font back to a smaller font that also allows the pages to print better (many fit on one page!). However, your browser will determine the final format for printing, so results may differ, depending on the browser you use. Also, I have found that the fractional measurement fonts do not uniformly translate and depend on which fonts you have installed. So in some cases, you may end up with a strange character instead of the 3/8 or 7/8 character. So if you are seeing strange characters where you expect an amount, check the table below. I have listed all the fractional measures and their corresponding characters below and perhaps that will enable you to translate to the correct amount:












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